#PHOTOS and VIDEOS THE KP CHALLENGE: The best thing to come out of this Guild campaigns*  

KP fanatic kissing his poster

If you thought you had seen it all in the politics of the mighty Makerere then think twice. Makerere politics had got accustomed to politicians making theme songs (one famous the former guild president’s BALA riddim) to be played during their campaign trail. But FDC flag bearer kato Paul’s #KPCHALLENGE has taken the students community into a media frenzy. It all started with a picture of a lady kissing his poster that made it viral through the various social media platforms such as MAKERERE GUILD facebook page.

KP fanatic kissing his poster


Wagubi: Another video then surfaced of a lady from complex hall dancing with a placard of Kato Paul hit whatsapp by storm which actually started a good lot of other people taking part in the challenge including  even some white foreigners. You could also take part in the #KPCHALLENGE   irrespective of the camp you subscribe to and share your pictures because its the best thing to come out of the guild campaigns.

Video below

Here are  the pictures and videos below of the KP challenge

Girl’s posing with KP’s picture
Kato Paul along side Wanyera who recently gave him his full support
KP fanatics posing for a picture
white woman posing with KP poster
KP with FDC leadership after bein given support by Besigye and the Party leadership
Kids flashing KP posters
KP speaking to Muk students in their lecture rooms
KP after a Rally in Wandegeya
KP and his crowd on the streets of Wandeya
Girl sleeping on KP poster

By Wagubi Brian


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