Shocking! Chameloene’s wife Daniella Atim Files for Divorce

Chameleone and Daniella getting married in 2008

Ugandan power couple Daniella Atim and Jose Chameleone are experiencing problems like never seen before .It seems problems have been brewing in the Mayanja household for some time that have forced Daniella Atim to file for divorce after 9 years of marriage.

The mother of four took the case to the family division of Nakawa Court, asking the magistrate to dissolve her marriage with the singer, on grounds of brutality.

Through her lawyers Okurut and Co. Advocates, Daniella instituted the case on April 18th 2017 at Nakawa Court, outlining the various reasons why she needs the marriage annulled.

Key among them is the fact that Chameleone allegedly batters her, and the kids, as well as hurling life-threatening insults at her. On receiving the case, the Grade one magistrate at Nakawa Margaret Aanyu ordered Jose Chameleone to respond within 15 days.

Atim filed a divorce case against Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone at the Chief Magistrates Court at Nakawa alleging that her husband is a drunk and cruel man who physically assaults her and her children.

She wants court to nullify their marriage and issue a restraining order against Chameleone. They have been married since 2008.

Her divorce petition is number 72 of 2017 and was filed on April 18, 2017 by her lawyers Okurut and Company Advocates and has been assigned to Margaret Aanyu. The couple have four children and she wants full custody of the children.

The children are: Abba Mayanja, 11, Alfa Mayanja, 8, Alba Mayanja, 4 and Amama Mayanja, 3.

Atim says in the petition that Chameleone is an alcoholic who returns home inebriated and tortures her and the children for no apparent reason.

She says that the situation got out of hand in 2013 and she fled home and hid at friends homes and sought counseling from religious leaders who have tried to intervene to no avail. She says she is currently not sharing a bed with the musician fearing that he could kill her.

“Your petitioner’s life is in danger. The respondent has severally threatened to kill her and has been mistreating her a lot,” stated the petition.

She has asked court to dissolve her marriage and put a permanent injunction restraining Chameleone from ever coming close to her.

She wants Chameleone to pay for the costs of the suit and child support.


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