Good evening gallant sons and daughters of the Ivory Tower. I hope your holidays are proceeding well. It is a point in time when we reflect on the year 2017 which we are about to end and also gather more energy and bravado to go through 2018 with resilience and greater courage! 2017 has been a very challenging year in many aspects of our student life but more challenging in the political history of the nation! The same people we chose to represent us did not only misrepresent us but also exhibited a great degree of selfishness by adding another two years to our contract with them. They did the consultations and chose to take their own path, a deliberate deviation from the minds of their electorate.  I think someone must have been too wise to undertake all the proceedings in parliament during a time the great institution Makerere was closed. It is a sad moment in our history and I pledge to be against this tyranny. I want to thank and also congratulate all those who contributed to the struggle against this selfish government throughout the year 2017 and also encourage them to not give up!

    The struggle continues until we win! There have been many incidents of torture, imprisonment, threats and the rate of unemployment especially the youth has been really high! Poverty became another disease in 2017.  I have conviction that 2018 will be better off but we are still ready to go through its storms! I vow to be part of the struggle until we win the race!

    I also wish to congratulate you upon finishing the last semester well and also pledge to continue to serve you as the academic minister until we win together!

    *Pro Futurus Aedificabimus*

    *We build for the future*

    *For God and My Country*

    *WANYERA Simon*

    *The Revolutionary Son*

    *BAED 111*





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