Bobi Wine congratulates new Kyambogo University guild president

The principal of NUP and former presidential candidate Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has come out to applaud and congratulate the students of Kyambogo University for doing the right thing and being revolutionary after they elected NUP flag bearer Mbaziira John Snr as their new guild president.

He went ahead and said that despite the injustices meted out to the NUP team at the university such as the prohibition of use of the red berets and posters, the students stood their ground and did not coward out after their university administration rejected their symbols.

The singer cum politician went ahead to liken the Kyambogo University NUP team to the biblical trio of Mesach, Shadrach and Abednego who refused to confer to the wishes of Nebuchadnezzar even after being to test.

And in refusing to adhere to the wishes of the university which he termed illegal, these students had stood by their beliefs and done the right thing demanded by their conscience.

In his own words on his Facebook page, Bobiwine said that these students were ready to lose the much coveted seats than give in to the demands of the university. And despite the the ballot papers arriving without Mbazira’s picture, students turned up and voted him overwhelmingly.

Kyaguanyi who said this was a revolutionary move by the students that only imaged what is going on in the country by his party to unseat president elect Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from swearing in in May seemed to be happy to continue influencing the young people in leadership.

Ever since his people power movement ascended into motion in 2018, most major learning institutions have elected NUP leaders into office such as at Makerere University, Nkumba university among others.


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