Another $€× Tape Allegedly Involving MUBS Students Leaks

Students have of lately made it a habit to release 18+ rated content of themselves.

These are either nUde pics or videos of themselves engaging in acts deemed not fit for the public eye.

This is a trend that has been eating up the celebrity world but of lately students have pipped into number one in release of this content.

It’s not known whether this is because of the dormancy and idleness in school activities that were recently disrupted by the president due to covid 19 or a new trend of lately.

These however blame their jilted lovers who release these nudes after their relationships go sour.

It could be maybe the students have watched a lot of Mia Kalifha and Johnny Sins and therefore want to be the next big thing on p0Rn#uB.

At first it was a $€x tape dubbed the Kitende $€× tape that opened up the contest. This was one to reckon where one chic was engaging in coitus with over three guys.

Finally a MUBS student known as Paula contested these ones with hers that had social media talking about her.

Paula wasn’t let to stay long on people’s lips as an LDC student known as Kenganzi Gloria had hers making rounds on social media platforms.

As netizens thought they had had enough of these forbidden videos and get to concentrate on the 42 days lockdown issued by President Museveni, another adult video has made it’s way to the big screens.

This video has too been trending on Twitter where they all spread from to other sites. The video contains about three chics and a guy.

The guy is seen slaughtering one chic as another lies next to them.

The other one is recording and cheering them on shouting some obscenities as expected.

The actors in this video have not yet been revealed but it’s said that they are also MUBS students.

MUBS which has been acknowledged for academic excellence seems now to have shifter it’s attention from classes to the garden of Eden.

Due to the content of the video, we cannot include it here but if your the Mr Hyena type, a few Google searches will probably land you in the right place and feed your eyes.


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