Kyambogo graduate resorts to taking care of children

The coming of Covid-19 brought more harm than good since there is a high rise of unemployment in the country at the moment.

Different graduates have resulted to being innovative to survive the wave.  

Frank Ngambeki, a bachelor’s degree graduate in Guidance and Couselling from Kyambogo University is one of the few people who have decided to think out of the box.

He decided to being selling ladies’ leggings with a friend having failed to get a job after graduation. 

“After graduating in 2021, I looked for a job and failed to get one. In 2015, I decided to join my friend who was selling ladies’ leggings. We started with a capital of Shs300,000 and now earn Shs40,000 to shs50,000 a day,” Ngambeki said.

But with the Education sector crippled due to the post-Covid 19 effects, the 29-year-old saw an opportunity and started up a daycare centre for the children of his neighbours to supplement his income.

“I now have a daycare centre at home where parents around here leave me with their kids in the morning and pick them in the evening. I don’t provide them food because the parents bring them with their food,” said Ngambeki.

Ngambeki charges Shs 5000 per kid a day and he is now looking after six kids.


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