Kyambogo Students using SOP’s to cheat for examinations

Kyambogo university management has reported and filed a report on how students have created new ways of cheating during examinations. 

Students are using tricks and hiding answer sheets in their face masks and undergarments according to a report published by the Daily Monitor.

Furthermore, the Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University Professor Eli Katunguka also confirmed that girls hide papers in their undergarments. 

“I have been told that ladies are now putting notes in their knickers in the form of sanitary towels. When one attempts to check them, they allege that those are pads,” the professor added.

These remarks were made while the Chancellor met with the Muslim community addressing the issue of the police officer unveiling the female student at the checkpoint before entering the exam room.

“Students are taking advantage of Covid-19 to cheat exams because they know no one will ask them to remove the masks when entering examination rooms,” added the professor.

“Students are no longer using their old tricks of cheating. The popular one was writing notes on their thighs. They are now using new tricks to cheat exams and as University administrators, we are aware of all these,” he said.

Prof Katunguka said the university has deployed female security officers to ensure that students of the same gender are checked everywhere.

He said according to the university rules, a string of sanctions ranging from suspension to dismissal can be put on offenders.


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