MUBS Administration Addresses Students Protesting on Missing Marks Crisis After Strike

Following the recent violent incidents at Nakawa based Makerere Business School (MUBS) by students over missing marks, the Principal Prof Wasswa Balunywa has come out to address the crisis.

The Principal warned against the use of violence.

He added that the culprits shall be showed no mercy by security.

“I would like to request those who are planning any violence at the School that this will not be tolerated and they will be dealt with by the necessary security officials. It is very important that we maintain peace and harmony in the School and we will identify those few select people who are bent on causing chaos at the School and we shall not allow them to disturb the peace of the majority of the students.”

“Usually the majority are silent and it’s a few people who cause this chaos. If any student has a case that is outstanding, please give this case to the Minister of Education in writing and if it is not resolved in two (2) days’ time, you then have a right to protest and use any other means possible to resolve your problem,” Prof Balunywa’s message read.

Disgruntled students showed up on Monday 24th January at the school campus demanding to speak to the powers that be over their pressing issues such as missing marks.

Consequently, Prof Balunywa gave the student leaders audience and they resolved to calm down till a solution is found.

He further revealed that no exams will be done at the school until the students’ cries are resolved.

The Principal as part of the resolutions came up with the following conclusions:-

Consequently, the students guild president Robinson Ogwang revealed that util results are released, the students will not do the exams as scheduled.

Short of this, they won’t sit the end of semester exams.

He however requested that the date be pushed from Thursday 27th January to Saturday 29th January so that students can get themselves in order from this crisis.


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