All You Need To Know About Makerere University’s 72nd Graduation Ceremony As Roadmap Is Released

Mr Alfred Masikye Namoah the Academic Refistrar of Makerere University has released the roadmap for the 72nd graduation ceremony at the institution.

The major aim of this released schedule is to assist all the University’s teaching staff to follow the the prescribed dates so that the Graduation Ceremony happens on the earlier stated dates.

23rd-26th May 2022 which will be the third week of the month is what the University administration set as the week of graduation.

Different colleges will be allocated different specific dates on when to graduate

These colleges have also been appealed to by the Administration to follow the academic guidelines leading to the 72nd Graduation ceremony.

All preparations for the ceremony are set to begin on 1st-18th March 2022 . Within this time frame, board meetings will be held plus displaying graduation lists on the college boards.

From this, different colleges will submit in their graduation lists for approval by the academic registrar before being forwarded to the University Senate.

See further details below.


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