Citizens left shocked by Makerere University graduands ‘indecent dressing’

The public was left shocked at the dress code of the different Makerere University female graduands that has had many talking. The University held its 72nd graduation ceremony last week that lasted for 5 days.

However what captured the attention of the public and social media was the girls’ dressing. These in a bid to look so hot and own the moment decided to wear skimpy outfits that left their endowed natural ass-ets on display as some of them even went bra-less to the graduation grounds.

And many didn’t shy away from photo dumping these somewhat arousing pictures onto the internet. This has left many people questioning whether the Ivory Tower is grooming intellectuals to steer the country ahead or breeding sl#ts to rip the nation apart.

However, its not Makerere University only in this mess, a number of University students have taken this trend as it somehow boosts their confidence and makes them feel like they are Miss Universe.

A number of public figures such as Dr Joyce Moriku the State Minister for Primary Education have come out to condemn such dressing saying an end needs to be put to it as its becoming intolerable.

It however doesn’t seem like it will come to an end soon as the girls embracing it are on the rise.


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