Metallic Student Henry Suubi Lands First Job After Graduation

Renowned fresher at Makerere University, Henry Suubi Kiyimba has recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He overcame unnecessary criticism on social media for simply carrying a metal suitcase throughout his college journey. However, he persevered and completed his degree this year.

Rumours have it that Suubi, who received support to pursue engineering, landed his first job at an engineering firm just months before graduating from Makerere.

Suubi expressed his happiness by saying, “I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude after completing my BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Makerere University.

“The journey has been challenging yet rewarding, and I am grateful for the Lord’s guidance and support throughout.”

I owe my success to Mr Aita Joel, my mentor and project supervisor. He is the founder of Joadah Consult, a company that provides professional technical and management support services in the region.

Throughout his entire university journey, Suubi was consistently supported with both academic and financial aid from The Joadah Group.


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