Shocking Truth Revealed -I Faked My Graduation From Makerere- Anne Kansiime

    Hey guys, guess what? The hilarious Anne Kansiime just dropped a major bombshell! You know how everyone thought she had a degree in Social Sciences from Makerere University? Well, turns out that’s not true at all!

    Oops, I Didn’t Graduate

    In a recent interview, Anne confessed that she never actually finished her university studies. Can you believe it? She studied for three years, but when it was time to graduate, she had to retake a couple of course units. Bummer!

    A Clever Plan

    Instead of facing the music and retaking those courses, Anne came up with a sneaky plan. She decided to skip the graduation ceremony altogether and trick her family into thinking she had graduated.

    Convincing Her Parents

    So, here’s what she did. Anne bought a graduation gown, called her parents, and convinced them not to come to the ceremony. She told them it would be a waste of money. And guess what? It worked! Her dad was all about saving cash, so he was totally on board with skipping the event.

    No Degree, No Problem

    Even though Anne doesn’t have a university degree, she’s not bothered at all. She’s already super successful in her career, making lots of money. And her parents don’t really care about her academic pursuits anymore.

    A Little Photoshop Magic

    To make it seem like she graduated, Anne took some pictures in a graduation gown and sent them to her parents. They never suspected a thing! Talk about clever!

    Comedy Queen Reigns Supreme

    Now, Anne is at the top of her game, and she’s not letting her lack of a degree hold her back. She went to Makerere University, and her classmates can vouch for that. Plus, she’s not planning on running for any political office, so it’s all good.

    Turning Scandal into Laughter

    Just like she always does, Anne turned this whole situation into another hilarious punchline. Her fans are loving it, and she continues to make everyone laugh with her comedy. University degree or not, Anne Kansiime is the queen of comedy!


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