Wanyera Simon the Makerere FDC Freedom Fighter Speaks out on his Candidature


Wanyera Simon is a staunch FDC supporter and diehard who has been at the forefront of the FDC defiance campaign to frustrate the Government. He is widely loved by majority of Makerere University students for his spirit and Passion that has uplifted student activism and championed student causes. Wanyera Simon spearheaded the scrapping of the 60% tuition policy and also spearheaded the campaign against the closure of Makerere University last year in November 2016 in an incident where he tried to chain himself to the Makerere University Main gate but his attempt failed as he was arrested by police.

Wanyera being Bundled into a police car after protesting the Closure of Makerere

The self proclaimed revolutionary son picked nomination forms to contest for the Makerere Guild Elections which are taking pace this Friday April 7th 2017, but he was unfortunately scrapped off the list of approved candidates due to his bad criminal records with Uganda Police for participating and spearheading a number of strikes in Makerere University.

He is set to make an official statement and declaration tomorrow on Monday 3rd April about his candidature in the Makerere Guild Election 2017 or his possible attempt to support another candidate in the current Makerere Guild Race.

Here is what Wanyera Simon has posted in a number of social Media forums in Makerere

An injustice ceases to be one when those perpetuating it are the very ones you once considered family. It now becomes betrayal, leaving me in a state of melancholy. My subscription to FDC at national level should never be questioned or subjected to debate, but the intrigue in the FDC-Makerere University chapter cannot go unmentioned.

I did not participate in the FDC guild president primaries because subjectivity, malice, bias, and personal interests cannot be the basis and benchmark of such a sensitive process, that would be going against my core values and beliefs in the rule of law and democracy.

Mine has been a dream from day one, a dream that I share with you all ordinary Makerereans, of seeing a better Makerere University. My candidature is your candidature, your dream is my dream, your vision is my vision, and your agenda is my agenda. But most importantly-My Victory is your Victory.

My candidature has been frustrated from all angles and beyond reasonable doubt. But forget not, you cannot fight an idea whose time has come. For me to run for guild presidency has never been for my own selfish interests, but rather to represent students’ interests. The guild president is only the face of the struggle. If my candidature has been frustrated, I assure you my entire fellow Makerereans Society has never been devoid of capable leaders to carry on the mantle.

On Monday (3rd/April/2017), out of the many, we believe will keep the dream of seeing a better Makerere University alive. To team Wanyera, to team hope, to all those who believe in the struggle, I say thank you all for the support.

Come Monday, we shall have a stand-One that will make Makerere University a better place.


The Revolutionary Son.


Wanyera flashing the FDC sign


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