Jose Chameleon joins Cavendish University

Former Kampala lord mayor aspirant and Leone island CEO Joseph Mayanja has resumed his studies by enrolling for University education at Nsambya based Cavendish University.

The ‘Dorotia’ singer who went to schools such as Katikamu SDA and Mengo SS decided to pursue music instead of university education after completing his senior six.

Chameleone went on to release chart topping songs and became one of the best musicians in East Africa and it’s safe to say that he made the right choice that got him where he is.

However despite the music and fame, the Kawempe born singer seems to have learnt that education is a key important factor in life and with his new found calling into politics, he seems like he’s going to further his education.

This was after he posted a pic of him at the UK University based in Uganda in Nsambya. Fans were quick to congratulate him though others said they were not sure whether it was another stunt by the superstar singer as he’s famous for pulling stunts.

Although it is not yet clear which course he’s going to pursue, sources close to the singer say that he enrolled for a course in international relations on a bachelor’s level.

We can only wish our legendary singer and we shall keep u posted with the development of this story.


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